Low-Fat Homemade Ice Cream

Low-Fat Homemade Ice Cream

Without a doubt, our health is very important. In this busy lifetime, we have made our lives miserably poor in the shape of eating habits. A number of artificial flavors and advanced recipes made us addicted to modern food. However, luckily, increasing health issues provided awareness among people to choose healthy options. This trend helped greatly in making healthy alternatives for every food item. Let’s take the example of low-fat homemade ice cream.

When eating ice cream, most of the time, we barely notice the portion and end up eating an excessive quantity. This contributes to obesity and other health issues. However, there are low-fat and low carbohydrates ice cream that can easily be made at home. This low-fat ice cream is sweet and creamy yet healthy.

Surely, you won’t feel guilty after enjoying this yummy dessert.  It has low carbohydrates and is sugar-free. Its creamy texture fully satisfies your dessert cravings. This low-fat dessert option has a good amount of protein and is also great for vegans.

Healthy Low-Fat Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

Low-Fat Homemade Ice Cream

Low-Fat Homemade Ice Cream

Chunky Monkey Low-Fat Homemade Ice Cream

This deliciously healthy dessert is the absolute best. Peanut butter, chocolate, and banana provide a rich texture and yummy taste. Its velvety, creamy texture is like no other. After trying this ice cream once, you won’t resist trying more.

So, here are the ingredients:

vanilla almond milk (unsweetened) ¼ cup
peanut flour 2 tbsp
vanilla extract ½ tbsp
Stevia/Truvia (natural sweetener) 1 packet
salt pinch
banana 1 large
chocolate chips 2 tbsp
frozen peanut butter bit  

Freeze peanut butter and banana for 20 minutes. Take the food processor and add all the ingredients (leave chocolate chips on the side). Keep scrapping the side while the processor is working. Do this until you get a smooth, creamy texture. Garnish with chocolate chips. Remember, you can serve the ice cream with different toppings.

Healthy Frozen Yogurt

This healthy frozen yogurt is creamy and rich in nutrients. Different ingredients not only enhance their taste but also makes it more healthy. Without artificial sugar and heavy cream, this dessert is heavenly delicious.

Healthy Red Velvet Cheesecake Low-Fat Homemade Ice Cream

Velvet, cream, and chocolate make its taste worth every try. What else could one ask for when having a dessert like this?

Healthy Coconut Frozen Yogurt

This coconut frozen yogurt is very creamy, tasty, and even healthy. It is a dessert that will make your sweet cravings calm. You’ll be sure to have a delightful day without any additives.

Healthy Hazelnut Mocha Ice Cream

Low-Fat Homemade Ice Cream

Low-Fat Homemade Ice Cream

How about the yummiest, creamiest, and dream-like dessert? Most of the time, it seems impossible to find healthy desserts when you are health conscious, constantly counting calories, and fearing carbohydrates. However, this healthy hazelnut mocha ice cream is your answer. You can easily enjoy this guilt-free treat, as it’s both healthy and tasty. This dessert won’t affect your diet and will provide you with all the benefits of a sweet.

Now, you don’t have to worry about the calories and additives, as these all-natural ingredients are good for your diet plan.

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