Low Carb Fruit Dessert Items For Health Conscious People

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Most people desire to eat any items out of the sweet dish, dessert, cakes, waffles but end up not eating due to fear of high-calorie risk. High calories food items are not healthy so it leads to life-threatening disease conditions.  Diseases such as heart stroke, increased cholesterol, obesity, breathing problems and much more can occur, as a result of intake of high-calorie food daily. To balance out, low-fat fruit dessert items are the best alternative enriched with natural fruits and low calories. These desserts are made from fruits so it contains natural sugars like glucose, fructose, lactose, free of artificial sugars.

Types Of Sugar Present In Fruit Used In Making Of Low Carb Fruit Dessert

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Majorly there are three types of sugars present in fruits that are glucose, fructose, and sucrose.

Glucose is considered the best energy source for the brain and muscles, and other cells in the body.

Fructose is metabolized faster in the liver easily than other sugar metabolism rates. 

Sucrose is more commonly known as table sugar. Our bodies have an enzyme that breaks down sucrose into glucose and fructose and then metabolizes them as each of those individual sugars for energy.

Which  Type Of Fruits To Choose To Prepare Low Carb Fruit Dessert?

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This quintessential fruit of summer has the lowest amount of carbohydrates. It’s low in fiber, so most carbohydrates are absorbed. Watermelon enriched with vitamin A, high water content, which will fill you up despite consuming few calories. 


Berries are a popular choice for making cake items there. Strawberries have the fewest carbs among all types of berries, while blackberries have the fewest net carbs.


 It contains 5.44 grams of carbohydrates per 100 g serving. They are enriched with antioxidants, potassium, and vitamin C. They contain phytochemicals also.


 Avocado will give you healthy monounsaturated fats, which are known to be good for heart health. They have relatively low carbohydrate than other


 It is an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium,  and electrolyte to help maintain good blood pressure, pH balance, and a healthy metabolism.


A sweet and juicy treat, peaches don’t have too many carbohydrates. For every 100 g of fruit, contain only 8.04 g of carbohydrates. 

List Of Few Low Carb Fruit Dessert Items

  • French Chocolate Mousse With Orange (12.3  gm carbs per serving)
  • Blueberry Yogurt Pops(8.6 gm carbs per serving).
  • Vegan Blueberry Coconut Ice Cream ( 5.5 gm carbs per serving)
  • Low Carb Almond Coconut Dandies ( 2.7 gm carbs per serving)
  • Key Lime Pie ( 4.7 gm carbs per serving)
  • Fresh Fruit Dessert Pizza.


 Healthy food in a daily routine is part of many millennial lifestyles. But when it comes to dessert portions most people avoid, due to their high calorie.  But nowadays healthy options of dessert items are available. Here we have created a bundle of low-carb fruit dessert items for all dessert lovers. Eat these dessert items of low carb and gluten-free to keep your body healthy and fit.

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