Light and Refreshing Fruit Desserts

light desserts

The fruit desserts in this list range from healthy desserts to total indulgences. Our strawberry crisp has vegan and gluten free options and is naturally sweet using maple syrup. And in contrast that award winning peach pie has all the butter, flour, and cream and is a total indulgence.

Easy Fruit Crisp

A cake with fruit on top of a table

Looking for fruit desserts to wow your friends? This easy fruit crisp can be made with any summer fruit you like! It’s simple to make, it’s got a healthy spin, and it tastes SO, so good. The filling is like eating pure blueberry (or whatever fruit you choose!). It’s truly a stunning recipe you’ll make again and again!

Classic Strawberry Shortcake

A slice of birthday cake on a plate

This strawberry shortcake recipe: it’s got the “it” factor. It’s those tender biscuits with sweet summer berries you’d imagine relishing on a porch swing in the heat of the day, or savoring on a lazy summer night. It’s something for summer birthdays, July 4, picnics, and cookouts. This one uses buttermilk for tang and richness, and the sweet berries are mixed with a little balsamic vinegar to add a zing.

Best Apple Pie

First up in our list of fruit desserts: that old classic, apple pie! This really is the best apple pie recipe. The crust is perfectly buttery and crisp, woven into a rustic lattice. It’s brushed in a maple glaze that dries into a sparkly topping. And the interior is filled with tender apples, perfectly spiced with cinnamon and fresh ginger. It’s a true stunner!

Easy Apple Crumble

This apple crumble is as easy as can be: and it’s perfect for a crowd! It makes a big 9 x 13 pan of cozy tangy apples and crunchy oat topping. If you’re cooking for vegan and gluten-free diets, try this Vegan & Gluten Free Apple Crumble.

Sauteed Apples (a la Mode!)

Want an easier fruit dessert? Look no further than these sauteed apples! There’s no baking necessary, and no advanced preparation. Just slice up some apples, saute them in butter and spices, and bam! Eat it warm topped with vanilla ice cream, and there’s really not much better. In fact, why even make apple crisp or apple pie at all?

Chocolate Covered Bananas

Here’s a favorite fruit dessert that’s simple, healthy, and ultra delicious: chocolate covered bananas! Now, this concept it not new or revolutionary: but it’s absolutely perfect for a sweet treat craving. The crunch of a crisp dark chocolate coating around an icy banana makes magic. Store this healthy treat in the freezer anytime a chocolate craving hits. 

The Best Peach Pie

No list of fruit desserts is complete without this prize winning peach pie! Yes, my great aunt Ruth won a prize for this peach pie at her county fair. The contrast of the thick, creamy sweet custard with juicy ripe peaches and salty pastry crust is unlike any peach pie you’ve ever had. My mom has been making this peach pie for years and it’s always a show stopper. It’s the ultimate revered family dessert!

These are some of the best light desserts to try.

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