Know The Basic Dinner Meal Ideas To Make At Home Easily

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First of all, know that having a good dinner results in good sleep and it plays a vital role in deciding how our next day is going to be! These basic tips on meal ideas will help you to learn how you can make a healthy dinner without getting irritated. You need to plan the dinner before not preparing it at a time. This will create havoc and result in tension and overstressing. You will just think about what to make, and the next minute you will be ordering pizza or something you like that surely is not good for your as well as children’s health. 

You don’t need to make a fancy dinner when you are the only one preparing it. Choose an easy meal idea that you know you can make in minutes, or you can try some of our meal ideas in your style. 

The best part is you can use the leftovers for lunch and dinner. This way, you will not have to cook the exact amount of food at each meal. You can create your meal idea that you know super easy and easy to digest. 

Try These Meal Ideas With The Leftovers Of The Day

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  • If you have khichdi or Pongal left, then add some flour and turn it into a well-cooked paratha.
  • One of you says what to make out of carrot or beetroot poriyal? You can add chickpea flour to it, and there you will have your homemade dosa.
  • You can also save water. How? Use your leftover dal or rasam while you make roti dough. Avoid water. It will also bring a crispy taste to the rotis. 
  • If you have millet salad or plain cooked millet as a leftover, then you can add the same to idli or dosa batter. This way, you will create a tasty uttapam or paniyaram.
  • Make a simple bean pilaf if you have leftover cooked beans, or you can make hummus and have this meal idea with flatbread. Add raw veggies to it to make a light dinner.  


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Most Indian families have the same dinner for everyone. Also, these meal ideas will be useful for adults, toddlers, and kids too. You can reduce the spice level if you share the meal with the toddler or kids. All of the above meal ideas with leftovers will not take long hours. You can have your dinner early than before as these meal ideas do not consume time. These Kinds of light meals help you to have a night of better sleep, and they will also be light on your stomach. You can add your taste to any of the meal ideas to create a unique dish.

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