Eating Healthy With Cod Recipes For Families -

Eating Healthy With Cod Recipes For Families

healthy cod recipes

Cod is a great fish to grill and one of my favourite healthy cod recipes. An easy baked cod recipe perfect for a high protein, low fat, low carb night of the week! With just a few simple ingredients and techniques you can have an ultra-healthy fish dinner that your guests will rave about for weeks to come. Baked cod is the ticket to an ultra-simple, easy, breezy evening at home with your friends. I like to serve it with my delicious baked potato and steamed vegetables.

Use Fresh Garlic

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If you love garlic but hate to add it to your food, try using fresh garlic instead. It adds a wonderful flavour but without the extra calories and salt. Another healthy cod recipes using garlic include: Garlic-Infused Codfish Roll, Garlic-Rice Soup, Coleslaw Grilled With Salt and Sea Salt, and Cheese and Cod-Based Chicken And Rice Skid Steak.

Now for the appetizers. Great healthy cod recipes for the appetizer include: Fresh Fish Balls in Cranberry Sauce, Sharp Cheddar Stuffed Shellfish, Shrimp Time, Crab Cakes in White Wine and Balsamic vinegar, Quick Mashed Tuna Toss with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Cucumber-Raisins. For the main meal you can make a simple dish of baked cod topped with some brown rice or barley. Or you could try a melt in your mouth seafood bake with chickpea flour crumbs, carrots, mushrooms and peas. Enjoy!

What To Make For Dessert

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For a sweet treat, try a recipe with dried parsley, cherry tomatoes, parsley, and garlic powder. This recipe is very easy to make and goes great on top of a big piece of whole grain bread. In addition to being savory, this recipe also has a mild sweet flavor that makes it perfect when served with crackers or sliced fresh fruit. You can serve this delicious treat cold or you can prepare it the day of.

For the sides, you can top your baked cod with some crunchy vegetables or some lightly steamed broccoli florets. For an additional taste you can try some sun-dried tomato pimento paste. If you are having trouble getting the moisture in your fish and seafood cookbooks, simply use the cooking instructions provided and lightly steam your cod, shellfish, shrimp, or chicken and add about two tablespoons of dried parsley, dried thyme (or oregano), and fresh lemon juice to the water when cooking. Cook your foods until they are slightly darker in color and just tender enough to eat, then serve with your desired side dish.

Way To Spruce Up Healthy Cod Recipes

Another way to spruce up healthy cod recipes for your family is to throw in some carrots and celery. Carrots and celery are rich in anti-oxidants which help to protect the body from excessive amounts of free radicals and other harmful toxins in the foods we eat everyday. This anti-oxidant content helps to prevent our bodies from succumbing to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, and arthritis. Add these nutrients to your cod before serving it with a hearty green salad.

Final Words

You don’t have to worry about sacrificing taste to enjoy healthy foods. As long as you are able to add a healthy ingredient or two, your family will be happy and healthy. Remember to always check labels and stay away from any “low-fat” items. With a little planning and creativity, you can enjoy a variety of healthy recipes with fresh, whole, natural seafood.

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