Chocolate and Other Dessert For Two

dessert for two

Dessert for Two is the perfect recipe for a Valentine’s Day wedding. It includes favorites from both of us: cakes and pies. The result is a unique and elegant dessert that will have your guests asking you how they can make it for Valentine’s Day! This is not a traditional dessert for two, but a sweet and unusual alternative to a traditional two dessert for two. Because it is made for two, it contains some extra ingredients that give it a unique flavor.

Classic Desserts Include Cakes And Pie


Dessert for Two uses well-loved classic desserts and makes them into only two recipes! Cakes are usually baked in small round pans or ramekins. Pies are usually baked in muffin cups or small pie pans.

A very easy way to create your own two servings of this delicious new version is to use your favorite recipes as starting points and then customize them to make just two servings. Use an online booking site or cookbook to find classic desserts like the angel food cake or the biscotti, or simply tweak the recipes to create your own special dessert for two. You may want to use an ingredient from one of the recipes and then change or omit a few items to customize the end product. You can even use different types of icing to customize the final appearance of your dessert for two.

Popular Online Dessert Recipes


For starters, let’s look at one of the more popular online dessert recipes for two: cheesecake. The basic recipe uses cream cheese, Graham cracker crumbs, canned or fresh cherries in their liquid base, milk and sugar. You could make a slightly different dessert for two by substituting cream cheese for sour cream or yogurt and adding a pinch of salt instead of the sugar. Another way to play up this basic dessert for two original recipes is to add nuts and/or chocolate pieces to the batter. Leave out the maple or white cranberries if you are not following the dessert for two guidelines.

Another quick and easy dessert for two is made with sweetened instant mashed potatoes, canned or fresh cherries, and ice. You will need enough moistened potatoes in order to make it a properly thick and filling dessert. Leftovers can be used in place of the cherries in the recipe, or they can be mixed with sour cream and sprinkled with some more sugar or cocoa powder if you prefer a darker, sweeter flavor. Using less water is optional, but it can help the dessert stay moist. This dessert for two can also be enhanced by using some chocolate chips instead of cherries or a few drops of extract for a different treat. Just put a couple of tablespoons of chocolate chips into the batter and mix together with the wet ingredients.

Different Variations Available

There are countless variations of a chocolate dessert for two. The only limit is your imagination and your tastes. You can create a blueberry crumble cake, chocolate fudge sponge cake, or a banana split cake, using a combination of any of these recipes. There are cakes that are rich and luxurious and there are cakes that are very simple and delicious. If you create your own version of this dessert for two, you can adjust the ingredients and the freezing procedures to create any number of different versions of this dessert for two.

Summing Up

Chocolate and other desserts for two can be created by using recipes that require two ingredients, a mixer, and a cold processor. When you are looking for chocolate and other recipes for two, you should consider purchasing the ingredients in small batches to ensure the best flavor and texture. To save time in the kitchen, purchase frozen mixes from your local grocery store instead of making them yourself. When you are able to sit down at the table and look through a cookbook to find a simple recipe for chocolate and other desserts for two, it will all be worth the effort.

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