Cherries Make Your Cherry Hand Pies Perfect

cherry dessert recipes

The cherry is a popular fruit for cherry dessert recipes, so much so that in Italy, there is a national cherry festival! It’s time to get excited for all those delicious Cherry Desserts which will be made using fresh cherries as soon as Spring comes! From fruity fruit cakes and crumblers to crisp cookies and breads, tart or sweet, cherries really make the ideal sweet or sour Summer treats. There are many different types of cherry recipes to use; you’ll need to experiment a little to find what combinations work for you.

Cherry Cobbler

A close up of a pink cake

One of the most popular Cherry Dessert recipes around is a cherry cobbler served warm along with fresh strawberries and cream. If you want to use store-bought cherry cobbler, you might want to try a low fat variety which is less fattening than traditional full fat cobbler. Store bought cherries usually have less sugar and more natural flavor; they also keep better than freshly picked cherries. A nice way to enjoy all the great health benefits of eating dessert regularly is to make your own desserts.

Another one of the most popular cherry dessert recipes uses cookies or sweet biscotti, a light crumb cake, usually made with whole wheat flour and rolled in either almond or whole grain flour. You can bake these sweet cookies just as you would cakes but instead of adding glaze, you can add chocolate or any other sweeteners instead. In addition to being able to make sweet cookies or cakes, you can also enjoy a sweet summer dessert by making a simple cake using fruit fillings, some cooked eggs and a pinch of vanilla or lemon zest. You could also bake the cake and use canned fruit filling; canned fruit filling is very high in natural sweetness and flavor.

Cherry Pies

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Cherry pies are also a popular favorite of cherry dessert recipes. These delicious and delectable treats are made by melting two pounds of butter and grilling half a pound of chicken breast or turkey breast and threading it through a turkey bun leaf. Then mix together half a cup of sour cream, one-fourth cup of packed cream, and one-quarter teaspoon of vanilla or lemon juice. Mix until completely blended then place in the oven at 350 and bake for about 25 minutes. The pie is done when it reaches its desired temperature.

Food Processor

One of the most important ingredients in making cherry dessert recipes is the food processor. With a food processor, you can make a simple dessert that has a tart, juicy, and chewy texture and a long shelf life. Using a food processor to make pies, cakes, cookies and cupcakes can be a lot of fun especially if you get creative. For instance, you can use a blender, food processor, or food chopper to make your own cookie dough. You can also use your processor to make meringue and whipped cream. This is just a small amount of what you can do with your processor.


The final item on your list should be cherries. While it is traditional to eat dark cherries that are at the store, you can also find cherry hand pies that are a healthier alternative and one’s people can eat for dessert anytime they want. When you combine these three items with any of your other recipes, you will have a delicious meal you can eat all year long and share with family and friends. Start planning a new family tradition today and see how easy it can be.

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