A Healthy Sweet Potato Recipe – How To Make Yours Stand Out

healthy sweet potato recipes

You name it and chances are there is an online recipe for it. This may boggle your mind as to how people can eat so many unhealthy foods, yet they claim to be eating healthy.

When I was young my mom would make us quick baked sweet potatoes and we would love them every single day. As I grew up I didn’t see that same enthusiasm for baked potatoes from my mother and other family members. I did see one or two recipes online that had fried chicken in them, but that was about it. In fact, these online recipes for fried chicken were so unhealthy that I wondered why anyone would consider cooking it in such a way. Trust me, those recipes sure will not disappoint if you have not hopped on the healthy, sweet potato recipes train yet.

Roasted And Raw Potatoes

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The good thing is that there are some wonderful healthy, sweet potato recipes out there. These recipes include both roasted and raw potatoes. The roasted variety is used more often, mainly because it is quite a bit more tender than the raw variety. Caramelized is a great way to add flavor to the potato and is usually a nice addition to roasted potatoes as well.

A healthy sweet potato recipe might consist of making cornbread or bagels. There are many different ways to prepare these foods as well. You can add nuts and dried fruit to the cornbread or bagels. This creates a nice combination of sweet and savory flavors. The spices used in the cornbread and bagels are not only there to make the food delicious, they also provide important nutritional benefits as well.

When it comes to sweet potatoes, most people just use water and do not bother with adding any spices to it. This is understandable because most people do not really know how to make these recipes healthier. When you learn more about Yukon gold and other ingredients that can be found in healthier versions of sweet potato recipes, you will start to see why this is important. Not only is Yukon gold healthier, it is also tastier than most store bought versions.

Avoid Using Butter

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When you make your own healthy, sweet potato recipes, you will want to avoid using butter in your recipes. While fats in your diet are not bad for you, they should not be the first ingredient that you add to your dinner. Using butter in your own recipes is not going to add flavor to your meal but will raise your cholesterol levels. If you want to keep your meal low in fat and use natural oils instead, you can use vegetable oil instead of butter when cooking your own meals. Using olive oil instead of butter will be beneficial to your heart health as well.

You will also want to avoid using salt when cooking with sweet potatoes. Even though salt is used to help enhance the taste of the potatoes, it can also increase blood pressure and lower the concentration of serotonin in your brain. Other spices that you may want to eliminate from your healthy, sweet potato recipes are bacon, garlic, and onion. These are all known to have strong flavors and are oftentimes combined with sweet potatoes to create dishes where one ingredient takes center stage and the other is less noticeable. You will find that by eliminating these high spiced ingredients you will be able to create dishes that are more appealing to your family and guests.


The last thing that you will need to do is to add variety to your diet when creating healthy sweet potato recipes. By changing up the types of meats and vegetables that you are using you will be able to keep your recipe interesting and different. Try using different potatoes and different vegetables for your recipe and see what types of dishes you can create. This will keep your family members excited about trying your new recipes and will make them feel like you are constantly adding new things to their diet. They will also be able to tell when the recipe is not your favorite or your family’s favorite.

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