4 Easy Dessert Recipes With 5 Ingredients

Dessert Recipes Easy

Who doesn’t want a dessert? This is always a must-have at the end of our dining period. It’s innate that we all have a sweet tooth, and we crave for desserts almost all the time. But the problem is, desserts aren’t that cheap and easy to make. So here are some easy dessert recipe ideas with only five ingredients or less! Grab your aprons and get your stomach ready for these adorable, sweet treats.

Peanut Butter Cup

If you have some leftover cake and have no idea what to do with it, this recipe is a must-try. Using pudding mix, milk, peanut butter, some leftover cake, and whipped topping, you can make little sweet peanut butter cups. Just mix all these ingredients, put them in molding tins, and let it chill in the fridge. There you have satisfied your sweet cravings.

Cake Mix Bar

Cake mix bars are fun to make with your kids. Play chef with them and cook this yummy yet straightforward dessert. The name says it all. All you need is a cake mix, eggs, and any topping of your choice.

You can also let your kids put some colorful sprinkles on these fudgy and cakey bars. Let it cool first before serving. For a balanced delight, make some warm tea to eat with these bars.

Oatmeal Bars

Here’s another bar that would make your mouth ajar. If your sweet tooth kicks in, but you’re on a strict sugar diet, consider making this easy dessert recipe. You only need three things– oatmeal, honey, and egg. You can add any low-calorie ingredients you want, like peanut butter.

It will only take you 10 minutes to prepare this. You would definitely go over these bars over and over again whenever you want something sweet and healthy at the same time.

Ice Cream Sandwich

It’s summer, and your kids are craving for something refreshingly sweet. Luckily, you got some stored ice cream and biscuits. The ice cream alone can be a little boring to eat. Try spreading this creamy delight on your biscuits and add some frosting and sprinkles for a summer dessert level.

It doesn’t matter when or where we eat our desserts because it is all about loving yourself by feeding your soul with food that improves your mood and makes you feel that you’re finally in heaven. You shouldn’t be embarrassed if you provide yourself with desserts because it doesn’t mean that you have no self-control. It just means that you are willing to accept your sense of what you desire, and you have the guts to honor and satisfy your sweet cravings. Don’t deny yourself the right to indulge yourself from these simple sweet pleasures because it will definitely turn you into a resentful being. And so with this, sweet teeth wouldn’t be a problem at all because you have these easy dessert recipes at hand. Try them all, or you can improve these recipes and share them with your friends as well.

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