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3 Healthy Ground Beef Recipes

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Making ground beef jerky is a healthy snack you can have for dinner. The health benefits of having your own prepared beef jerky means you will not have to waste food by purchasing expensive produce that you buy at the supermarket.

Number Of Healthy Alternatives To Ground Beef

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If you do your homework and look into the various available recipes, you will find a number of healthy alternatives to ground beef. Beef is a source of protein but it is also high in fat. That fat can add calories to your diet without you knowing it. This is why you need to take some time and create your own healthy meals so you avoid adding unhealthy extras to your meal.

Many restaurants offer ground beef as a buffet or side dish. If you are watching your budget, this is probably not something you want to include in your menu. A much cheaper alternative is to make your own jerky. You can use cuts from your meat of choice. There are many different styles and cuts to suit any taste you may have.

Many of the healthy ground beef recipes will use ground turkey instead of the beef. Just remember that leaner cuts of meat will be lower in fat. Make sure to keep that in mind when you are deciding which cut of meat to use. When making your own recipes you can use the fillets offered in most stores, as well as ground beef.

Marinate The Meat First

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If you want to enjoy ground beef that tastes good, you will need to marinate the meat first. The more flavorful your marinade, the better your beef will taste. You will need to purchase good quality basting brush and a bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce. Let the sauce marinate overnight, allowing it time to permeate the meat.

Use this delicious sauce in any number of your ground beef recipes. You may find that you enjoy the taste even more if you put it on salads, chicken, vegetables or just about anything else you can think of. Be careful though, as this can cause your healthy ground beef dishes to taste bland. This is easily fixed by putting a little sauce on the salad and on some crackers, or if you are grilling your vegetables, you can drizzle it over, but watch out for its effect on the garnish.

Making Your Own Spice Mixes

If you enjoy making your own food, then making your own spice mixes is a great way to add a lot of flavor without any additional calories. Most of these spices come in small reconstituted forms which you can simply add with water or put in with your favorite foods to spruce up your meals. You may also choose to buy reconstituted spices, which are already in their jar size. If you’re handy with a food processor, then you can easily make your own spice mixes as well. 

Bottom Line

Finally, another great way to ensure that you’re feeding your family a healthy diet is to make your ground beef lean. While it is true that you cannot reduce the fat content of meat very much, there are many things you can do to make it healthier. For instance, you can slice off the excess fat and trim off extra fat off certain parts of the muscle. Also, you can marinate the meat in vegetable oil for several hours to give it a nice, even color. These are just a few things you can do to give your ground beef recipes a healthier flavor and one that will save you money in the long run.

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